ARIS is a company specialized in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). In the international market the focus is on GIS-tools mainly for ArcGIS, marketed through the internet. For the national market (the Netherlands) the focus is on consultancy and tailor made GIS applications (ArcGIS and Open Source based). Information about consultancy and tailor made GIS applications for the national market is available only in Dutch.

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Most popular tools:

  • Grid & Raster Editor
    Edit many raster formats in ArcMap using paint tools
  • DataProcessing Tool
    Perform efficient and reproducible tasks on meta data, layer and mxd files in ArcGIS using Python scripts
  • Export Tools
    Export (selected) features from ArcGIS to GeoJSON and KML
  • .Net Scripting tool
    Create, edit and run .Net code in ArcMap just as easy as VBA
  • ASCII Grid Reader
    Add native support for ESRI ASCII Grid and similar formats to ArcMap and ArcCatalog
  • APS Reader
    Add native support for OPS model output (APS files) to ArcMap and ArcCatalog