ARIS CycloSearch (Standalone)

CycloSearch makes it possible to get object information (e.g. address) with a mouse click in a Cyclorama.

Cycloramas (360 degree photographs) by Cyclomedia offer possibilities to view the surroundings of an address or a point on a map. A simple mouse click in the photograph can result in detailed information about the object pointed at.


ARIS CycloSearch Cyclorama


Possible uses
Photos are very usable for recognizing situations. This opens a way to get access to other information through these photos like solitary trees, lampposts, traffic lights and traffic signs. Possible uses can be maintenance planning, digitizing or data updates.


ARIS CycloSearch Map



Required are Cyclorama's and CycloScope from Cyclomedia and proper licensing.

This CycloSearch version has mapping functionality using Shapefiles. Specific GIS software is not needed.

Acquiring object information requires a point layer with those objects (like addresses). Depending on user needs also other layer types like polygons might be supported in future versions.


Other platforms

CycloSearch is also available for other platforms:

  • Web-application
  • ArcMap 9.2 tot 9.3.1
  • ArcGIS Server 9.3

Besides CycloSearch work is in progress on tools for measuring in the photographs or using measurements for digitizing purposes.


Information and download

Interested? You can download a fully functional, 5-day trial version, by clicking on the "Download" button, view the User's Manual or request more Download Demo