ARIS SdeToCoverage for ArcCatalog

The SdeToCoverage tool inserts an option in the contextmenu of ArcCatalog to be able to export SDE feature layers to an ArcInfo coverage. Geographic and tabular data are more often stored in an SDE-database but many models and applications still use ArcInfo coverages. In ArcCatalog an SDE layer can be exported to a Shapefile and with ArcToolbox the Shapefile can be converted to a coverage. This is a time consuming process and not straight forward. The ARIS SdeToCoverage tool makes it possible in ArcCatalog to export an SDE layer contained in an ArcGIS layer file (.lyr) directly to a coverage.




The ARIS SdeToCoverage tool is inserts the option "Export to coverage" in the context menu of ArcCatalog. With this option an ArcSDE feature layer in a layer file is exported directly to a coverage. Included in the export are attributes, projection and meta-information.

Required is an ArcGIS ArcInfo license.

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