ARIS Multi Data View for ArcMap

The Multi Data View adds extra Data Views to ArcMap. The extent of the Data Views can be synchronized with the default Data View of ArcMap.

ARIS Multi Data View for ArcMap is designed to create up to 3 extra Data Views in ArcMap, each having a choice of staying synchronized with the main map or to show a 'frozen' situation for comparison or overview. The extra Data Views are dockable: dock in the ArcMap window or float anywhere on the screen.




With the Multi Data View for ArcMap up to three extra Data Views can be created. In each Data View a copy is made of the current map with all its layers. By default, the Data View is synchronized with the main map. This means that the mapextent in the Data View follows the extent in the main map. By setting the Data View non-synchronized, the mapextent in the Data View can be frozen. In a synchronized as well as in a non-synchronized Data View the mapextent can be changed independently of the main map. Additionally in each Data View a selection of the layers can be displayed.

One can now choose to synchronize:

  • the layers with the main map
  • the layers and symbology with the main map
  • nothing

The active Data Frame will be used for a Data View at the time of creation. This way you can have more than one Data View open with one Data View showing data from one Data Frame and another Data View showing data from another Data at the same time!

New in the current version of Multi Data View is the ability to show the cursor pointer in all views.

The ARIS Multi Data View adds a command to ArcMap.

Required is one of the following ArcGIS 9.2 or 9.3 licenses:

  • ArcView
  • ArcEditor
  • ArcInfo

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