ARIS LayerParade for ArcMap

The LayerParade shows layers one by one like a movie, and fades in and out.

The ARIS LayerParade is a tool for ArcMap to show layers one by one like a slideshow. It can fade in the next layer and fade out the last layer.


With the ARIS LayerParade layers in an active dataframe in ArcMap become visible one by one. Fading can be turned on or off, and the amount of steps for the fade functionality can be changed. A slideshow can be started, which makes all layers in the active dataframe visible one by one. The slideshow can be stopped by pressing another button in the LayerParade toolbar. The interval between layers during the slideshow can be changed. When a grouplayer is selected, or a layer within a grouplayer is selected, only layers within this grouplayer will be shown.

The ARIS LayerParade adds a toolbar to ArcMap.

Required is one of the following ArcGIS 8.3/9.1/9.2/9.3 licenses:

  • ArcView
  • ArcEditor
  • ArcInfo

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