Included examples of ArisFlow

To give users a quick start in connecting specific applications to an ArisFlow flowchart, a number of examples are distributed with the ArisFlow installation (as some are listed below).

All examples should work on current Windows versions.


ArcGISControlling ArcGIS:
Execute a VBA macro in ArcMap (ArcView/ArcEditor/ArcInfo).
Execute a Python Geoprocesssing script in ArcMap (ArcView/ArcEditor/ArcInfo).
Execute a model in Modelbuilder (ArcView/ArcEditor/ArcInfo).
View data in ArcMap (ArcView/ArcEditor/ArcInfo).

ArcInfoControlling ArcInfo:
Executes ArcInfo commands (AML) locally. ArcInfo is running on the same machine .
Executes ArcInfo commands (AML), where ArcInfo is running on a remote machine (UNIX or Windows). In this example, ArisFlow is running on Windows.

ArcViewControlling ArcView3:
Executes ArcView commands (Avenue).
Executes ArcView scripts (Avenue), the script is stored in ArisFlow.
Executes ArcView scripts (Avenue), the script is a file on disk.
Executes ArcView/Spatial Analyst scripts (Avenue), the script is a file on disk.

MapInfoExecutes MapInfo commands (MapBasic).

IdrisiExecute Idrisi commands.

OracleAccess Oracle tables and execute SQL queries (using ADO).

SQLServerAccess SQLServer tables and execute SQL queries (using ADO).

MS-AccessExecutes calculations on an Access database.

MS-ExcelExecutes calculations in an Excel spreadsheet.

MS-WordOpens a file in Word, adds text and modifies the lay-out.

MS-DOSControlling MS-DOS:
Call a DOS command.
Call a program executed in the DOS-shell.

MS-WindowsControlling MS-Windows:
Execute a manual action: let the end-user answer a question.
Send keys to the Windows Calculator and show the result in Notepad.

Examples also include the use of ADO, COM, VBScript and DDE.