ARIS License Checker

The ARIS License Checker is a tool to check, register and unregister ARIS licensed products. Using the ARIS License Checker it is easier to manage licenses on your PC.

ARIS licensed tools can also be licensed through the windows in the product itself when using the product. This usually means third party software (like ArcGIS) has to be started first and the functionality of the specific ARIS product has to be used before license windows appear. For users and system administrators it is easier to use the ARIS License Checker: No functional knowledge about the ARIS tool is necessary to complete the installation and registration.

Support for ARIS License Checker is only available for some specific versions of ARIS products.

At this moment ARIS License Checker supports the following products:

At this moment the ARIS License Checker does not work with 64-bit Windows, as the above mentioned tools do work well with 64-bit Windows.

Users of one of the above products can use the ARIS License Checker for free. Click on the "Download" button or view the User's Manual.

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