ArcGIS tools

ARIS Grid & Raster Editor for ArcMap

The Grid & Raster Editor is the most complete 3rd party raster editor for ArcGIS, providing a set of drawing tools to easily edit single and multi-band raster datasets (integer or floating point rasters) in ArcMap.

ARIS DataProcessing Tool for ArcGIS

The DataProcessing Tool provides elementary functionality for working with metadata, layerfiles and mxd-files in ArcGIS or in a Python GUI/IDE like IDLE, PythonWin or PyScripter. Time consuming and complex management tasks can easily, efficiently and reproducibly be performed using Python scripts.

ARIS .Net Scripting Tool for ArcMap

Use your .Net code in ArcMap just as easy as you were used to work with VBA scripts. With the ARIS .Net Scripting Tool you can create, edit and run DotNet code within an ArcMap session. A perfect solution to test parts of your code during application development or to switch from VBA to VB.Net.

ARIS ASCII Grid Reader for ArcGIS

The ASCII Grid Reader adds native support (direct read) for ESRI ASCII Grids to ArcMap and ArcCatalog, automatically stretching between MIN and MAX values in the GRID.